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Riggy was designed to make digital animation more accessible to children and to seamlessly integrate into early education.

Variable Reactive Board (VRB)

The Variable Reactive Board (VRB) is a robotic balance training device. The VRB was designed to make reactive training safer and more effective. This design took first place in the 2023 Stanford Center for Longevity Design Challenge.


A grill concept for Bodum

Thesis Icons

For the Pratt design show each graduate thesis project was represented with a 3D icon. I modeled all the icons in Maya. Rendering done by Dwight Wu.

Jungle Gym

A planter that allows you to play with your plants.

KAMP Studios

Work for KAMP studios. Plaster finishing, furniture art, and decor.

Disney World's Pandora

Work from my time with Walt Disney Imagineering creating the attraction Pandora, the world of Avatar.

Disney World's Galaxy's Edge

Work from my time as a sculptor with Walt Disney Imagineering creating the Star Wars based attraction.


Led the fabrication of a 14' wide artificial Flamboyant tree.


A cordless hair trimmer with a battery docking station. Designed to be displayed.

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